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LG Partners with Touchtv, Brings Trending Info to Connected Sets

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LG Electronics announced today that it's partnering with Touchtv, bringing the Touchtv app to LG's connected televisions. Touchtv will let viewers follow along with current trending events.

The Touchtv app was created by SkyGrid and is already available as an iPad app where it streams premium content to viewers. By the news announcement, it sounds like Touchtv's focus will be slightly different on LG TVs, as it will focus on letting viewers tap into trending topics.

"With LG's constant innovation, remarkable product quality, and focus on incredible customer experiences, we're very excited to be a partner of LG," says Kevin Pomplun, SkyGrid's CEO. "We're delighted to have designed such a remarkable product together and to be available for the launch of LG's newest Smart TVs."

The two companies say that they're share more details on how the Touchtv app will work with LG connected TVs later in the first quarter of 2012, when the latest LG Smart TVs reach consumers.

The two companies didn't disclose the financials of the partnership. SkyGrid is based in Silicon Valley, California, while LG Electronics is based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. LG displayed Google TV models at the recent CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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