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Kaltura Survey Finds Strong Video Use Inside the Enterprise

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How prevalent is video inside the enterprise? The average employee now watches seven hours of work-related video each month and creates another three hours of video each month.

That factoid comes from Kaltura's first-ever State of Video in the Enterprise report, where the online video provider (OVP) details the results of a survey of 300 enterprise CIOs, CMOs, IT directors, and video initiative leaders.

The report makes a strong business case for video, noting that 87 percent of respondents say video offers a positive return on investment, as it boosts knowledge sharing, communications, and creativity. Video is used for internal and external communications, training, recruiting, customer support, marketing, and human resources.

Multiplatform and multi-device use isn't just for consumers. Inside the enterprise, employees need to view videos at anytime on any device. Videos of training sessions and virtual classrooms would be helpful for on-demand viewing, say 85 percent of the respondents. Also, 62 percent say it's very important to be able to watch webcasts on mobile devices, while 40 percent see broadcasting webcasts from mobile devices as important.

"Employees value the unparalleled richness and hyper-engaging nature of video, and therefore want to use it to enrich existing ‘duller’ textual experiences, to convey unique information, and enable distinct capabilities that words alone cannot," says Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura's chairman and CEO.

Download the full report for free (registration required).

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