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JW Player Releases Version 6.9, Adds Chromecast Support

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JW Player released JW Player 6.9 today, and the big addition this time is Google Chromecast support. Viewers can use this latest version to cast videos from mobile devices to Chromecast-connected televisions. JW Player also includes VAST video advertising support, and the ability to customize the look and feel of the branded video screen. The company describes this as a win for its millions of customers, who can now bring their content and ads to the living room TV.

That's not all that's new in this version, however. JW Player 6.9 also acknowledges the continued importance of HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) for mobile devices by adding new HLS functionality, including faster AES decryption and support for extended online viewing on Android devices. The company notes that publishers can use a single adaptive video format for all iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows and Mac computers.

Finally, JW Player has added HTML5 and Flash keyboard shortcuts, which should simplify using the video player with a keyboard. The new single tab-focus model lets the viewer control the player with natural keyboard shortcuts, the company says.

“JW Player 6.9 brings our global customers further exciting developments in high-quality, multi-platform, revenue-boosting video publishing,” says Dave Otten, JW Player's co-founder and CEO.

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