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Innovid Study Shows Where Video Ads Get Highest Engagement

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Online video advertising company Innovid released a report today that's designed to help advertisers optimize their campaigns proactively, rather than reacting to trends after the fact. In April, Innovid debuted Atom, a video advertising platform that can integrate with third-party solutions, letting advertisers manage cross-platform video ad campaigns from one place. Innovid's new report studies campaign results from Atom to show how advertisers can drive better results.

For the study, Innovid looked at several iRoll campaigns using Atom's verification solution to find a correlation between video content and campaign performance. Engagement rates were often highest when the content of the pre-roll ad matched that of the content video, such as pairing an airline ad with a travel video. However, content didn't always need to match so neatly to produce high engagement rates. Pharmaceutical ads, for example, produced 2.3x higher engagement rates when paired with sports videos.

Innovid recommends that advertisers add video content verification to their online video ad campaigns to ensure that pre-rolls run before videos with optimal content. Once advertisers know the content that works best for their ads, they can work with publishers to target specific content categories.

The full Innovid report is available for free download (registration required).

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