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In U.S., 40% Own a Set-Top Box, Over Half Own a Connected TV

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In the United States, 40 percent of homes with broadband connectivity own a set-top box, while over half own a connected TV. However, set-top boxes see much greater use.

This data comes from research company Parks Associates, which notes that set-top box ownership rose from 6 percent in 2010 to nearly 40 percent at the start of this year. Roku makes up 37 percent of ownership, a figure that has held steady for the last year. Amazon ownership grew by 4 percent in the last year, largely by taking market share from Google.

While more households own connected TVs than set-top boxes, connected TVs see less use for streaming. In fact, nearly half of connected TV owners also own a set-top box. While 44 percent of set-top box owners use their devices daily for streaming, only 37 percent of connected TV owners do the same.

Connected TV ownership is strong, but consumers prefer the experience of streaming with a set-top box. Consumers rate Roku devices best in usability, notes Parks research analyst Kristen Hanich, while Apple TV gets the highest marks for gaming and the ability to purchase movies and TV shows. Amazon Fire TV gets praise for its easy setup. 

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