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Gracenote Debuts Unified Search Solution for Skinny Bundles

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Finding favorite shows on streaming services is still too difficult, believes Gracenote, so today it's debuting a unified search solution for living room streamers. Aimed at connected TV and other consumer electronics manufacturers (including set-top box and gaming console makers), this offering lets them provide useful universal search results to viewers who subscribe to virtual multichannel video programming distributors (vMVPDs or skinny bundles).

Called vMVPD Line-Ups, Gracenote's solution is available via API or file delivery, and it provides the underlying data for program guides, although it doesn't create the guides themselves. It powers the manufacturer's own search user interfaces, letting them display results for both live linear and on-demand channels in one place. 

"The new offering is part of Gracenote's existing Global Video Data suite which includes descriptive TV and Movie metadata, rich imagery, channel line-ups, and schedules, as well as connected IDs tying everything together," explains Trent Wheeler, vice president of product management for video at Gracenote.

"By empowering all players in the market to deliver outstanding user experiences, Gracenote is helping them stay ahead of shifting viewing habits and position themselves for success," says Simon Adams, general manager of video and sports at Gracenote.

vMVPD Line-Ups is available now. Gracenote isn't disclosing pricing, so talk to a sales representative if interested. 

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