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Gracenote Creates Video Popularity Score to Deepen Engagement

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Automating the process of identifying hot shows, entertainment data company Gracenote today unveiled the Video Popularity Score. Using this score, content platforms can surface more popular content and keep viewers engaged, Gracenote believes.

News 2The Video Popularity Score is computed from a variety of sources, including viewing data on linear TV, VOD, and OTT platforms (provided by parent company Nielsen), box office results, social media buzz (also from Nielsen), and other data from third-party sources. Gracenote analyzes it all and assigns each piece of content its popularity score.

The value this brings is that content platforms can automatically feature the most popular titles at any time. It can also help make spoken commands a little smarter, Gracenote says, by providing a better idea of the user's intent.

"Our new Video Popularity Score empowers entertainment providers to identify and put the most relevant, watched, and talked about TV shows and movies front and center," says Simon Adams, chief product officer at Gracenote. "By enhancing content targeting, Video Popularity Score allows for sharper search results, highly topical recommendations, and more relevant viewing options from cold-starts where data on user preferences or previous consumption is not available.”

The Video Popularity Score is part of Gracenote's Advanced Discovery suite of content engagement tools. Nielsen acquired Gracenote in 2017.

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