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Find an Audience: Adobe Debuts the Social Publishing Panel

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For years, Adobe Premiere Pro has helped video makers edit their work. Now it will help them build an audience, as well.

Recognizing how difficult it is for even talented online video makers to attract viewers, Adobe is launching the social publishing panel in Premiere Pro. The idea is to make best practices easy and learn from for what's worked in the past.

The social publishing panel lets creators input a set of keywords for a video, and have that metadata upload along with the video to multiple platforms. The panel recommends terms to help optimize performance. Similarly, creators can set a thumbnail image for a video and have it uploaded automatically whenever needed.

The panel lets video makers create and manage multiple renditions of a single original video, speeding multiplatform publishing. It offers scheduling settings and offers suggestions on when to post videos to capture the largest audience.

The recommendations panel isn't static, but learns over time what works for each video creator, building on that knowledge. For example, it will learn what keywords do well, then let the creator add some or all of the most useful tags with a few clicks.

The social publishing panel is debuting in a private beta, and paid Creative Cloud members are free to request invitations. The panel posts to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter currently. Adobe will listen to members requests and decide how to expand posting support in the future.

Adobe expects the feature to be out of private beta and in public beta in a few weeks' time. 

The Adobe Premiere Pro CC Social Publishing Panel (click to enlarge)

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