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Exponential Interactive Buys AdoTube

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Media company Exponential Interactive, which already owns Tribal Fusion and FireFly Video, announced that it has completed the acquisition of AdoTube, an easy-to-use end-to-end advertising company.

AdoTube will continue to run independently, although it will benefit from Exponential's global reach. Exponential has 33 offices in 23 countries. AdoTube will also pick up Tribal Fusion's audience platform, which includes data, targeting, and audience insights.

AdoTube is based in New York City, and was started in 2007. It specializes in interactive in-stream video formats, allowing viewers to engage and give feedback from within the ad. It's had success with its Polite Pre-roll format, where viewers are allowed to skip the ad and advertisers only pay for completed views.

"We are big believers in the potential of online video advertising and this acquisition accelerates our growth in the rapidly growing online video space," says Dilip DaSilva, Exponential Interactive's CEO. "In-Stream video ad serving is very much in its infancy, but by combining the advanced data, targeting, optimization, and insights available in the more mature display space with AdoTube's innovative and interactive video solutions, we feel we can offer advertisers online video solutions that leverage the best of online advertising and engage users in a much deeper way than simply inserting TV ads into online video content."

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