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Ericsson Lists 6 Ideas That Will Define Television in 2020

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At a press briefing at the 2014 NAB conference currently underway in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ericsson unveiled what it calls “Media Vision 2020,” six beliefs and assertions about what the company thinks the television landscape for advanced markets will look like in the year 2020. Ericsson will use these tenets to help broadcasters shape their strategies going forward.

First, Ericsson says, the networked society will be a fact, rather than something to work toward. There will be 15 billion devices connected to broadband IP, all capable of streaming video. Second, customers will want simplicity in their online video, and prefer having a single bill. Therefore, bundling content and services will still offer a strong opportunity.

The third 2020 belief is that OTT delivery will be available to all TV service providers, and the fourth says that live linear delivery and on-demand content, will be equally popular, with each used half the time by viewers.

The playing field will get more crowded though, as Ericsson’s fifth belief predicts that new entrants not currently in the TV space will stake a claim, bringing a lot of investment with them. Finally, the sixth says that market revenues, which stood at $530 billion in 2013, will grow to $750 billion in 2020. Content owners, broadcasters, TV service providers, and network providers will divide up that total.

"The future is not certain, but the direction and trends are clear,” says Per Borgklint, senior vice president and head of business unit support solutions for Ericsson. “The rules of TV are changing and it is essential for our customers to evaluate their strategies for success.”

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