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Encoding.com Launches EDC Private Cloud, Targets Premium Content

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"We see an amazing opportunity to disrupt the high end of the market," says Jeff Malkin, president of Encoding.com.

Malkin is talking about EDC Private Cloud, which Encoding.com is launching today. In beta since January, EDC Private Cloud is the company's attempt to capture the lucrative long-form premium video market (think Hollywood studios) which have been resistant to cloud encoding thanks to security and speed obstacles.

With EDC Private Cloud, Malkin says his company has solved the problem of premium content, finally bringing cloud encoding to major players. The solution includes fast and secure file ingest and upload (with partner Aspera), high-end processors, and vast storage. One key advantage is EDC Private Cloud's ability to move files quickly: Malkin says it can move files five to six times faster than Amazon can from S3 to EC2.

"There's some secret sauce there, so I'm not going to get into the details," notes Malkin.

EDC Private Cloud offers Dolby Surround Sound audio, Widevine DRM, and UltraViolet compatibility.

Besides winning on speed, Malkin asserts that EDC Private Cloud, which uses an automated workflow, also wins on price. In its beta period, he says, it won RFPs with Synacor and Midwest Tape, turning in prices that are 20 percent of current market pricing.

"The competitors in the world of high volume, short-form encoding, none of those guys have gone after the high end market for the same reason," says Malkin. "The public cloud was not designed for moving large video assets." EDC Private Cloud's competition here will be the few large post-production houses that have so far served the market, he says, adding that the company is currently working with four of the six major Hollywood studios.

At the same time, Encoding.com is announcing a new $1.5 million round of financing. As with the company's previous rounds, this one was led by Metamorphic Ventures and joined by existing investors. Malkin says the company will use the funds to go after the high-end premium market.

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