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Encoding.com Goes Ludicrous With Ultra-Fast Encoding Service

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Encoding.com says its new encoding service is so speedy, it had to call it Ludicrous HLS. With it, content owners can process their HD and ultra-HD long-form videos in a fraction of their actual length. For example, the service took a 2-hour HD movie and created 9 output renditions packaged for HLS in 15 minutes.

News 2Ludicrous HLS works by splitting the original video into small sections, running all transcoding and packaging options in parallel, then combining the sections back together. It should be a big help, the company believes, as 4K, 8K, and HDR video file sizes get larger. Getting it to work smoothly on the backend was an engineering challenge.

"Ludicrous HLS required a rather significant architectural enhancement for Encoding.com's platform in regards to how we store, monitor, and distribute video segments to compute resources," says Greggory Heil, founder and chief encoding officer at Encoding.com. "A split and stitch encoding job is one of those things that is rather trivial to do manually or at small scale, but a fundamentally more complex cloud architecture is required to pull it off at the scale Encdoding.com has achieved."

Just ahead of the NAB conference, Encoding.com also announced support for Apple ProRes and Dolby Vision, and noted that Nielsen has certified the company to insert Nielsen CPVOD audio watermarks into video.

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