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Digitalsmiths Announces Unified Data Service for Metadata

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Attacking the problem of rapidly growing metadata, video metadata specialist Digitalsmiths announced its Unified Data Service today, a solution that stores metadata together for faster access and better contextual linking.

The Unified Data Service lets content owners use a single index for all of their data, whether that's images, reviews, ratings, statistics, awards, cast lists, scheduling data, or merchandise. Rather than having each data type in its own silo, the Unified Data Service groups it all together in a master collection. The solution works for both structured and unstructured data, normalizing the attributes.

Digitalsmiths created the solution with an eye on the future: content owners using the Unified Data Service can add new data sources to the index as needed. It works with Digitalsmiths' Seamless Discovery technology, combining metadata with user behavior both implicit and explicit to power discovery and recommendation services. The solution is aimed at cable, satellite, and multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs).

Digitalsmiths created its Unified Data Service to answer what it sees as a growing problem in supplying quality metadata, a problem it says has so far been met with band-aid solutions. By offering a product that delivers quality mapping of many types of data, Digitalsmiths wants to drive new consumer video discovery products.

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