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Combined TV/Online Video Ad Campaign Planning Coming in 3 Years

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With online video advertising growing quickly, the lingering question has been when will ad agencies see online video as a part of their TV ad spend, not as an offshoot. According to a survey commissioned by video ad technology company Videology, that time is within three years -- close, but not right around the corner, either.

The survey was conducted by Forrester Consulting, and asked 150 advertisers, media companies, and agencies their thoughts on the changing role of technology in video advertising. Nearly 70 percent of advertisers and agencies answered "likely" or "very likely" that they would plan TV and online video campaigns "holistically" within three years.

The survey also revealed differences in the three groups. Around half of advertisers, for example, see the ability to target specific groups as a key benefit of online video ads, while only 37 percent of agencies think so. However, 43 percent of agencies say improving audience attention is a key benefit, while only 27 percent of advertisers agree.

The problem of measuring online viewing hasn't been solved yet. The survey showed that each group was struggling to understand how multiscreen viewers behave. The gross rating point (GRP), a standard TV metric, has much support, but media companies that only offer online video have reservations about it.

The survey also looked at the hot topic of programmatic buying. While many see it as important to the future, they believe that multiple ad-buying techniques will continue being used.

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