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ComScore Adds Mobile YouTube Measurement to its Metrics

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Filling a critical gap in its offerings, measurement specialist ComScore announced it now collects YouTube viewing data for mobile devices. For YouTube's top creators and partner networks, this is a huge step in growing monetization. Using December 2016 data, ComScore notes that YouTube's top 50 channels grow their reach by 218 percent on average with the inclusion of phone and tablet views, and viewing time grows by 380 percent. While 15 of YouTube's creators had 10 million views in December using only desktop numbers, 69 of them did when mobile views are added in.

For YouTube partner Vevo, most views come from mobile, notes Vevo director of audience research Roberto Santos. Some viewers only use mobile devices. He's happy ComScore is providing a more complete picture of the viewing audience.

Besides aiding content creators, the expansion helps media planners with campaign forecasting. Mobile YouTube data is now part of ComScore's Video Metrex report.

“Accounting for the huge share of viewing on mobile advances major measurement gaps," says Pete Stein, general manager at Fullscreen. “These improvements to YouTube’s video coverage in comScore help further validate audience viewing on mobile, emerging as consumers' primary screen.”

ComScore began measuring views on Roku devices in October 2016, and announced Video Metrix multi-platform measurement for the U.K. (which includes mobile YouTube measurement) earlier this week.

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