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CollegeHumor Debuts Dropout, a Comedy SVOD With More Than Video

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Can a low-priced comedy SVOD succeed? While NBC's SeeSo didn't last long, CollegeHumor is giving it a try with new service called Dropout. Available now in public beta, Dropout works on mobile and desktop, and is ad-free. It aims to entice viewers with more than just video.

Subscribers get comics and chat stories, as well as the ability to connect with Dropout show creators, performers, and other fans. (Chat stories, by the way, give the feeling of eavesdropping on a text conversation. The viewer taps to advance the messages.)

The video library will include scripted and unscripted shows by CollegeHumor favorites, including Jake and Amir, Elaine Carroll, and Josh Ruben. Jake and Amir will star in the second season of their show "Lonely and Horny," while Carroll and Ruben will create "See Plum Run," continuing Carroll's Precious Plum character.

Nonsubscribers will eventually get to see some Dropout series, reports TechCrunch, but the windowing policy hasn't been decided yet.

“The CollegeHumor fan base is more rabid than ever, now topping 16.8M+ combined YouTube subscribers and 11.5M+ combined social media followers, with 10M+ monthly actives across platforms. Our fans have been clamoring for the return of beloved CH hits, and the enthusiastic comments on our Dropout announcement video speak volumes. Dropout is built for that core following and is more on the spectrum of a fan club type of membership than an all-things-to-all-people SVOD," says Shane Rahmani, co-founder and chief business officer for Dropout. "After one day, we are seeing a very encouraging response from our audience and it looks like we are on the right track."

Comedy-lovers can sign up for a free trial at dropout.tv. During the beta, the service goes for $3.99 per month. After that, subscribers can get a $3.99 per month rate with an annual subscription, or pay $5.99 with no commitment. The service will launch iOS and Android apps later this year.

Josh Ruben and Elaine Carroll bring back their characters Mama and Plum in "See Plum Run," as former pageant contentment Plum runs for student body president.

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