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CES 2012: Technicolor Announces M-GO Cloud Media Storage App

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LAS VEGAS—Technicolor has unveiled its new consumer brand, M-GO, a free app that offers cloud-based streaming rental or download to own from catalogue of 10,000 Hollywood movies allows users to store copies of their media from participating content partners in the cloud and access it from any device. The participating studios weren't announced, though will be in the next few days, with more expected to be added shortly.

It will launch this spring in the U.S. on hardware from Intel, Samsung, and Vizio.

M-GO is the first consumer facing product to emerge from MediaNavi, a search and discovery platform launched at CES 2011.

“It has all the same functionality of MediaNavi including the ability to search and discover content across multiple genres but with a more consumer-facing UI,” explained Technicolor business analyst Cory Schaeffler.

Metadata supplied for each film comprises bonus support material such as star bios, images and DVD-style extras. The app is social media connected to Facebook and Twitter accounts for users to share information about content. Film titles include Dreamworks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon.

The app also supports live TV either via the set top box or by connecting directly with the TV operator.

“This supports a TV everywhere functionality so that consumers on the go can play out live TV content,” said Schaeffler, acknowledging that this requires a partnership with a pay-tv operator.

It is further offers M-GO’s own over-the-top live TV solution, which includes 30-50 subscription free channels.


Technicolor’s business model is transactional, meaning that it will take a fee from each rental or purchase. It is also supports UltraViolet which gives Technicolor the confidence it can attract further premium feature films down the line.

“We are looking to integrate music down the line. Right now we have the capability to connect to a PC through DNLA so that users can playout their music on any M-GO enabled device.”

The service launches this spring with international partners being sought for wider rollout.

Said John Batter, M-GO CEO, “We could not be more thrilled to be partnering with the leading technology brands to deliver the best and most immersive experience regardless of where, when, and how media is consumed.”

On the hardware side Technicolor is partnering with:

  • Intel Ultrabooks through the Intel AppUp center, bringing HD content for television, movies, music, and apps
  • M-GO will come pre-loaded on Samsung’s 2012 Smart TVs and Blu-Ray Disc players and will be accessible on Galaxy tablets. Additionally, with M-GO while watching a movie on the TV, users can simultaneously get bonus content, such as deleted scenes and games on your connected Galaxy devices.
  • It will come pre-loaded on Vizio''s televisions, tablets, Blu-Ray players and stream players that are part of the VIZIO Internet Apps Plus ecosystem, offering consumers the ability to easily access their library of content across device.

“Technicolor is at the intersection of content creation and distribution, and I strongly believe M-GO is the future of digital content discovery and delivery,” said Frederic Rose, CEO of Technicolor.

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