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Aspera Brings IP Delivery to Broadcast-Quality Live Video

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Aspera is bringing its large file transport skills to live video. Today at NAB, the IBM-owned company announced Aspera FASPStream, a software line created to stream broadcast-quality video over the public internet. Aspera is promising glitch-free transmission and quick start-up times.

FASPStream is built on Aspera's FASP bulk data protocol. The service can deliver any live video source—including multicast, unicast, and TCP—and ensure its arrival without significant packet loss. For example, it notes that it can deliver a 50 Mbps stream with under 5 seconds of delay, carried with 250 millisecond round-trip latency and 3 percent packet loss. That's strong enough for live 4K streaming between continents, it adds.

FASPStream video can be sent to multiple destinations at the same time, and includes encryption.

By introducing FASPStream, Aspera hopes to attract broadcasters who have so far relied on satellite and dedicated fiber networks for live video transmission. It notes that existing IP-delivery solutions, such as peer-to-peer distribution, forward error correction over UDP, and inverse CDNs, can't ensure arrival rates over long distances due to high round-trip times and packet loss.

During NAB, Aspera will demonstrate FASPStream at its lower South Hall booth by showing three live camera streams—from New York, South Africa, and China—delivered for live decode and broadcast playout, as well as IP-based playout.

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