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Android Phones Are Gaining in Popularity for Video: Brightcove

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Ease of use gave Apple iOS devices an early lead in online video viewing, but "times have changed" notes a Brightcove report. In its Global Video Index for Q2 2019, Brightcove reports that 64% of video views on phones took place on Android devices, with 36% on iOS. Compare that to the year before, when 56% of video plays occurred on Android phones and 44% on iOS.

News 1iPhone owners might be the minority, but they're watching for longer. The global report says iOS users spent 22.3 minutes on average watching video, while Android phone owners average 16.8 minutes. iOS owners are also slightly more likely to watch videos to completion.

In the tablet market, iOS still dominates. Brightcove notes that 60% of tablet video plays happen on an iOS device (down only a bit from 61% last year), while 40% occur on Android devices. Here, again, the iOS device owners watch for longer: 23.8 minute on average compared to 21 minutes for Android.

Tablets aren't the hot commodity they once were, but Brightcove says they still matter: "Over the past several years, tablets have become a smaller segment of the market, although they still see significant use and shouldn’t be ignored," the report says.

For more global viewing data, download the Q2 2019 Brightcove Global Video Index for free (registration required).

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