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Akamai Debuts Two Cloud Solutions for Broadcaster Video Delivery

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At IBC, content delivery network Akamai is debuting two solutions for television broadcasters, both meant to streamline cloud computing: Akamai Cloud Wrapper and Akamai Direct Connect.

Cloud Wrapper solves a problem faced by broadcasters and OTT services when moving growing content libraries to cloud platforms. Getting too many streaming requests on content at the origin can degrade performance, and broadcasters need to pay egress fees for content that's service from the origin and not the edge. Akamai's solution stores content outside the cloud to reduce user requests to the origin. The "wrapper" in its name describes how customers get a dedicated cache footprint in Akamai's delivery network, and this wraps around the cloud storage to reduce origin calls.

Akamai Direct Connect aims to solve first mile problems that occur when a content owner delivers video over the public internet to the Akamai Edge. This reliance on the public internet reduces efficiency and increases transit costs. Direct Connect fixes this by connecting the cloud storage with Akamai Edge. The offering increases reliability and lowers costs, Akamai says.

“Through innovative solutions such as Cloud Wrapper and Direct Connect, Akamai is striving to stay well ahead of the adoption curve," says Campbell Foster, vice president of media industry and product marketing at Akamai. "Our customers’ streaming services are evolving into increasingly significant parts of their business operations, and Akamai is committed to helping them fully realize the vital role of the Akamai Edge in their efforts.”

For an in-person look at these offerings, visit Akamai in Hall 1 at IBC.

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