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Akamai Creates Edge-Based API to Combat Piracy by Blocking Access

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Content delivery network Akamai announced a variety of enhancements to its Intelligent Edge Platform today designed to improved security, and one could give video content owners an advantage when dealing with pirates. The Access Revocation API lets content owners block access to pirates in real-time.

News 1Built on Akamai's Token Authentication Solution—which lets content owners control access by assigning a token to each playback URL—the API gives customers the ability to revoke that access instantly, which they could do for either unauthorized or pirate sites. Access is granular, so owners can control access on a user basis.

The API works with both live and on-demand video, and Akamai promises that it's scalable for large-scale events. Reporting features let owners get detailed information on denied users, showing their network type, device, operating system, hostname, and more.

Akamai also offers forensic watermarking that helps determine the source of piracy.

"Akamai customers recognize the increasingly important role that the edge can play in improving the experience of employees and consumers as they use web and cloud-based applications,” says Ari Weil, vice president of product marketing at Akamai. “Security stands out among the many computing needs bolstered by edge functionality. Edge-based security responds to threats in real-time, enables secure, perimeter-less environments, and captures insight close to the end user."

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