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Aereo Promotes Expanded Free Trial Offering

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Aereo has chosen an interesting time to offer customers a better deal. While the Supreme Court heard oral arguments about the legality of Aereo's business in April, the company just launched a promotion highlighting an improved free trial for new customers.

Aereo's standard trial offer is to give customers a free month of service, with access to one broadcast antenna and a cloud DVR that can record 20 hours of programming. The expanded offer, highlighted in a promotion that began yesterday, gives customers access to two antennae (so they can record two shows at the same time) and room for 60 hours of storage on their cloud DVR.

If customers choose the expanded offer when starting a free trial, they'll automatically be enrolled in Aereo's $12 monthly service when the trial period ends (unless they cancel). If they take the standard trial offer, they'll get the $8 monthly service. Customers can upgrade or downgrade their plans at any time from their Account Details page. While the option for an expanded free trial isn't new, Aereo's promotion of the offer is.

Aereo currently offers service in several metropolitan locations. The Supreme Court's decision is expected sometime this summer.

"If Aereo is allowed to store and transmit signals without payment, the television industry will be profoundly reconfigured," said a New York Times article in April. 

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