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Adobe and thePlatform Announce Integration for Products and Sales

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Today at the NAB conference, Adobe and thePlatform have announced a deep working relationship between the two companies that includes integrating Adobe Primetime and thePlatform MPX, as well as co-selling products and services.

There are three main parts to the announcement, Adobe and thePlatform explained to StreamingMedia.com in a briefing. First, the two companies have a co-selling agreement for video services to computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. Second, MPX is being integrated with the Primetime SDK (software development kit), letting customers easily create custom video players. Also, Primetime players across devices will have out-of-the-box support for MPX feeds, with no further development needed. Third, Adobe is launching Primetime 2.0 today, which features cloud-based ad insertion, concurrency monitoring, and support for 4K UHDTV and MPEG-DASH. This release will be seamless to use for MPX customers.

Adobe and thePlatform say their deep integration offers benefits to clients, such as their collective experience with global media companies and their ability to respond to customers' future needs. The two companies together are greater than the sum of their parts, they note.

Adobe and thePlatform have a long history of working together, most recently with the Sochi Olympics where they helped NBC stream live video with rich metadata at scale.


A diagram showing how solutions from Adobe and thePlatform can work together.

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