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Adobe Primetime Gains Dynamic Ad Insertion for DASH Video: MWC

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At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Adobe announced that Primetime, its platform for multiscreen TV content and advertising, now offers dynamic ad insertion (DAI) in MPEG-DASH video. Primetime already offered DAI for HLS streams, and the DASH implementation follows the same workflows.

For both DASH and HLS, Primetime takes the same input formats and transcodes them for the right output. Ads are stitched into the video stream so that viewers experience a smooth TV-like transition between content and advertisement, with no buffering. Primetime's DAI works for all video resolutions, including HD and 4K.

Adobe claims that Primetime's DAI implementation is the only one around available with both client- and server-side configurations. The company also promises that media customers can use it to stream video with lower CDN costs.

Primetime's DASH DAI implementation follows the same rules as its HLS implementation. That means customers can create trick play settings (such as pause, fast-forward, and rewind), seek settings, and ad forgiveness settings (specifying times when viewers shouldn't see an ad).

The only difference in Adobe's DASH and HLS DAI implementations is how ad cues are specified. DASH requires that custom ad cues are parsed out from a manifest.

An early customer of Primetime's DASH DAI implementation is French broadcaster M6, which will use it when streaming the UEFA Football Championship this summer.

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