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Adobe Announces Primetime Analytics, QOS Improvements

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Adobe today announced improvements to Primetime, its platform for TV Everywhere distribution and monetization, that center on optimizing the online viewing experience. New video analytics features provide more granular data for publishers, letting them compare viewer engagement across platforms and devices. The results give a fuller picture of the audience, Adobe says.

Adobe is also helping clients improve the viewer experience by introducing a quality-of-service (QoS) monitoring service. The result offers diagnostics on stream quality and bitrates, and is integrated with Primetime analytics so publishers can get a single view of their data. The QoS tools can't be automated, however, to remedy bandwidth or congestion issues before the viewer notices.

Finally, Adobe is offering a new content protection tool with cloud-based DRM. The goal, Adobe says, is making digital rights management turnkey for customers, letting them easily manage video protection across platforms.

Adobe also made a significant customer acquisition, announcing that Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) is now a Primetime customer. TBS will use Primetime to drive TNT and TBS apps and sites. In addition, it will use Primetime for AdultSwim, Cartoon Network, TruTV, NBA League Pass, and more in the near future. TBS will offer VOD and live linear content to authenticated viewers.

TV Everywhere sites have seen a seven-fold increase in unique visitors in the first half of 2013, Adobe says. Moreover, TV Everywhere has seen a 400 percent increase in authenticated streams in the first half of 2013 compared to the first half of 2012.

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