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Adobe Adds Speed Controls to Premiere Rush Video Editor

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Adobe's prosumer video editor, Premiere Rush, gets an upgrade today that includes its most-requested feature. Version 1.2 of the editor—which runs on iOS and Android devices, as well as desktops—includes the ability to speed up or slow down clips or parts of clips. Using the feature, editors will see a clip's speed marked as a percentage where 100% is real-time. Dropping that percent down slows the clip and raising it speeds the clip up. To make speed effects less jarring, editors can ramp into the new speed and then ramp out of it. Adobe notes Rush is the first mobile video editing app that includes ramping on speed changes.

News 1One handy feature in the speed controls is the ability to set the duration of the altered clip, then let the program calculate the new speed value. This makes it easy to create time lapse videos from longer clips. The video at the bottom of this page shows how the feature can be used to create a time lapse.

Rush will maintain the audio pitch of a time-adjusted clip by default, although that can be turned off. Speed changes made in Premiere Rush will carry over if the project is opened in Premiere Pro.

"Rush beta testers have been using the new speed feature for all sorts of videos," says Steve Forde, director of product management for digital video and audio at Adobe. "Their time lapses, how-to videos, unboxings, and lifestyle content have been made more compelling and immersive through the use of basic speed adjustments, ramps, and duration changes. The Rush team can’t wait to have this in the hands of all of our users to see what inspiring content they produce."

Adobe Premiere Rush is available for a $9.99 standalone subscription or as part of larger Creative Cloud subscriptions.

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