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Across Demographics, Netflix Beats Live TV, Finds E-Poll Survey

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We all know that Netflix is incredibly popular, but a survey reveals that watching a show on Netflix is twice as popular as watching a show on live TV.

That conclusion comes from E-Poll Market Research, which surveyed 1,488 U.S. consumers between the ages of 13 and 54, all of whom had watched a full-length streamed program in the last six months. When asked where they most frequently went when they wanted to watch a TV show the top answer was Netflix, the choice for 33 percent of those questioned. Watching a TV show at its broadcast time was selected by 16 percent, followed by DVR viewing at 15 percent. Hulu was the next highest subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service with 7 percent.

Netflix viewing was dramatically higher for young adults age 18 to 24, 51 percent of whom would go there first. Only 7 percent of that group would watch a TV show at its broadcast time.

YouTube viewing was strongest for teens age 13 to 17, 17 percent of whom chose it, but even that group preferred Netflix for watching a TV show (39 percent).

E-Poll also asked streamers about their reasons for subscribing to an SVOD, and found that people chose Netflix for commercial-free viewing on their schedule, and also because it's viewed as a good value. People chose Amazon Prime mostly to get free shipping. 

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