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NAB: Telestream Debuts Episode 6

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Working together often brings faster results. That's the idea behind Telestream's upcoming Episode 6, which brings the power of multi-machine clustering to video encoding. You can even use it with a mix of Windows and Macintosh PCs.

One-click clustering is the big feature with this release, letting machines pool resources and share encoding work. If you've got a demanding, processor-intensive job, you can use Episode 6 to join or setup a cluster without IT assistance. The permissions-based system lets users join a cluster, name clusters, view machines on the cluster, and view the workload status of each machine.

Telestream is changing its product names with these release. Gone is "Encoder" and "Engine" from the name; now it's simply "Episode 6," and it works with both desktops and servers. There will be three flavors of the product: Episode1, Episode2, and EpisodeX. Episode1 will let you encode one job at a time, Episode2 two jobs, and EpisodeX an unlimited number of jobs.

EpisodeX also includes new "Split-and-Stitch" technology, which offers segmented encoding even across a cluster of machines.

New to Episode 6 is the ability to automatically upload content to YouTube and other video sharing sites, and a graphical workflow interface.

"We're seeing explosive growth in the distribution of video to the web and wireless devices," said Barbara DeHart, vice president of marketing at Telestream. "Episode 6 is a game changer that combines quality and encoding speed together with never-before-seen scalability and ease of use."

Episode 6 will be available in the second quarter of this year. Episode1 will list for $495, Episode2 for $995, and EpisodeX for $3,995. The software is currently being demoed at the NAB show in Las Vegas.

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