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VisualOn - View From The Top 2016

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At the recently concluded IBC in Amsterdam, it was clear that OTT operators are still struggling to resolve the challenges of device reach, Quality of Service, content protection, and monetization specifically pertaining to Ads. In addition, OTT operators are also looking to enhance their services with new forms of immersive visual entertainment such as VR, or 360° video. Audiences are accessing services from any number of devices and forcing fragmentation at service delivery end points. Proven broadcast model of ubiquitous content delivery is being replaced by a consumer preference to VOD. OTT operators are continually forced to invest in new tools to provide quality playback, enable continuous measurement, and ensure a good quality user experience at all device end points.

OTT experiences are determined by how well the operators plan for content acquisition, device reach, subscriber acquisition, retention, and monetization. OTT Operators have to balance their spend in these areas while growing the service and sustaining consumer demand. OTT Operators are observing that Ad funded premium video adoption is experiencing expansion, but there are significant technology hurdles for ad-enablement across devices. While everyone agrees on the need for better measurement, the OTT revolution on multi-screen devices is showing gaps in coverage. In addition savvy consumers are transitioning to so-called OTT mini-bundles, and customer retention is a major concern.

At VisualOn we are addressing these challenges by providing our customers with cutting-edge technologies with software-based media frameworks that encompass playback, security, analytics, tracking and Ad flow enablement. VisualOn helps operators reach massive device end points, achieve content protection via multi-DRM integration, provide detailed client side analytics, tracking information for achieving higher QOS and reduced churn, and also enabling Ad insertion for revenue generation.

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