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Virtual Video Control Room Powers LiveX During New Year’s Eve in Times Square

For more than a decade, LiveX has captured the celebration of New Year's Eve in Times Square, all while constantly looking to push the envelope when it comes to technology and live streaming. This drive is what led to the creation of Virtual Video Control Room, which has completely transformed our New Year's Eve workflow.

For the 13th-annual webcast, we covered the action in Times Square, beginning with the Ball Raising at 6 p.m. EST followed by live musical performances, hourly countdowns, behind-the-scenes stories, and star-studded interviews. Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and multi-platinum recording artist KT Tunstall headlined our live 6-hour, commercial-free webcast which was viewed on more than 20 different platforms by more than 6 million people in more than 200 countries.

At the top of each hour, our hosts were joined by special guests from across the globe who spoke about their New Year’s Eve experience in Times Square, then led revelers in an hourly countdown, all building towards the midnight countdown and the famous Ball Drop.

Virtual Video Control Room (VVCR) is a browser-based production tool that enables large-scale live streaming productions to be managed entirely in the cloud. For the New Year's webcast, teams in New York City and Green Bay, Wisconsin were able to collaborate in real time. From the LiveX mobile unit in Times Square to our studio in Hudson Yards to our remote control room in Green Bay, the entire LiveX team was connected through Virtual Video Control Room and able to work together as though they were sharing a single set.

Virtual Video Control Room makes accessing multiple streams simple and secure. Producers can view all their cameras using the grid and display up to 10 simultaneous feeds.

Our producers in Green Bay managed the feeds from VVCR and distributed the video live to multiple social platforms using RTMP. VVCR's live streaming tools allow for customizing video destinations, DVR, and clip and post for trimming live video for download.


With Virtual Video Control Room taking our New Year’s Eve stream into the cloud, the advantages of fully remote production—from a cost, operational and sustainability point of view—are quite clearly here to stay. VVCR is only the latest in what will be a continued push forward from LiveX when it comes to building technology that allows events to draw on production talent wherever it is located, and it gives productions flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing remote landscape.

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