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Verizon Media: View from the Top 2020

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In today’s stay-at-home environment, consumers are exploring new media and entertainment options. There has been a massive spike in social viewing and online wagering on live streams. One technology we are likely to see increasingly utilized is real-time streaming. Sub-second streaming offers the potential to create new and unique interactive user experiences that complement the typical streaming of broadcast content.

Additionally, with numerous subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services available to consumers combined with consumers’ limited desire or ability to subscribe to all of them, we have the ingredients necessary for advertising-based video-on-demand (AVOD) businesses, like Pluto TV and Tubi, to flourish. Flexibly priced hybrid SVOD/AVOD options enable providers to maximize both reach and revenues by giving consumers the ability to balance how much they spend on streaming services with how much advertising they are willing to be exposed to.

To maximize the success of ad-supported services, streaming providers must continue to innovate their monetization technology and video workflows. For instance, Verizon Media’s Smartplay Prebid combines our server-side ad stitching technology with programmatic ad technology that uses the Prebid open-source framework. Together, these technologies conduct real-time auctions with OTT inventory allowing content owners and distributors to collect more bids from a diverse advertiser pool, fill more ad space, and increase eCPMs while also providing valuable visibility into the insertion process and partner performance characteristics. To grow in these challenging times streaming providers need to both cater to consumer needs and run a financially healthy service by adopting technologies that allow for optimizing ad yield while also providing a seamless viewing experience.

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