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Subscription Fatigue, AVOD's Return, and Customization Lead 2020 OTT Trends

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Subscription Fatigue

With so many content and subscription services (HBO Go, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+ …), people are going to get tired of the top-quality, “yet now bland”, content top players have to offer. This should leave the door open to middle market and entry-level players. Those players should aim at localized content and easy to implement technology to bring back the link between viewers and their day-to-day environment.

AVOD is Back

In the direct continuity of subscription fatigue, viewers are still going to want to consume content but without having to pay for it. This should lead the way for renewed interest in advertisement supported media content. With better capabilities to detect client-side ad-blockers and improved workflow for SSAI solutions we can expect publishers to give AVOD a new go.

Continuity of Adoption of New Technologies

HEVC is just beginning to be thing in 2019. We can expect the inevitable adoption of new standards to continue: CMAF, AV1, low latency HLS, 5G. This adoption seems to be going slower than expected though. We can see market consolidation and decision makers going more conservative
to ensure QoS.

Data-Driven Customization

True customization of viewing experience based on actionable data is becoming a reality. Listening to what viewers have to say is going to be the new kingmaker in years to come. At Radiant Media Player we are putting our focus on that listening. Achievable customization, reliable AVOD and secure adoption of new technologies can become a reality for you with our go-everywhere HTML5 video player.


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