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SSSIMWAVE: View from the Top 2020

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Keep Subscribers (Happy) With Less

The changing streaming environment—increased viewing coupled with more streaming services—calls for meeting Viewer Experience expectations of subscribers, and content creators, at the lowest possible cost. SSIMWAVE’s viewer-centric solutions work like a big tuning knob, allowing each business to identify the exact balance between subscribers’ satisfaction and delivery costs. Here’s how:

Trace Viewer Experience from Content Creation to Consumption

Identifying what part of a complex video delivery chain is creating poor Viewer Experience is equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. Inspecting for visual/auditory impairments at any touchpoint from content creation to consumption is our forte. SSIMWAVE's software solutions monitor Linear, Live, and VOD files and identify compression artifacts, losses due to content processing, network issues, undesirable player behaviour and other issues by "watching" content like viewers.

This helps our customers meet their business metrics faster by eliminating uncertainty by understanding the relationship between Viewer Experience and subscriber satisfaction. SSIMWAVE can even inspect newer, consumer-pleasing formats like HDR and Dolby Vision that aren’t supported by other validation metrics.

Desired Viewer Experience at Lower Cost 

SSIMWAVE helps video distributors deliver desired Viewer Experiences at scale to meet subscriber happiness KPIs across tens of millions of viewers at the lowest possible infrastructure cost. Users of the solution pay for delivering desired Viewer Experience consistently across all or subset of viewers, typically saving more than 50% in delivery costs. To top it all, the solution does not require any changes to already deployed infrastructure as it achieves these benefits by using the existing processing, encoding, and delivery infrastructure smarter.

Here’s the formula for streaming success: Measure, automate, and optimize to deliver desired Viewer Experience at scale at the lowest cost. I’m happy to talk in much greater detail, please get in touch with us at hello@SSIMWAVE.com


375 Hagey, Suite 310
Waterloo, Ontario N2L6R5

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