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RIST and CMAF Will Emerge as Powerhouses in 2020

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As predicted in the past, the transition to IP-based video consumption is happening at an ever growing rate. As CEO of DVEO, I believe DVEO is well-positioned to take advantage of the increasing rate of change toward IP.

Prognostication for 2020 is relatively easy as long as you watch the trends. There are three we 
are following with possible impact on DVEO: 

In 2019, RIST (Reliable Internet Stream Transport) Will Emerge as a Powerful Alternative to SRT

Created by the Video Services Forum (VSF), RIST is an interoperable (open) protocol for reliable streaming over the internet. RIST is a new open standard created by a consortium industry and multiple technology developers. Most significantly there is likely going to be support from the main standards creating bodies who initiated meetings via the Video Standards Forum (VSF).

CMAF (Common Media Application Format) Will Be Important

All DVEO’s streaming products now support CMAF compliant HLS. Fragmented fMP4, enables our products to use the same stream segment for HLS/fMP4 and DASH inputs. CMAF includes a low latency mode—file segments are divided into “chunks” so video playout can start before the video segment is fully encoded. CMAF files can also be encrypted.

Content Will Become Even More Important

Content continues to drive the industry. Less-watched streaming services shut down, but new content sources are announced every week. Viewers are new looking for more non-homogenous cloud-delivered content. Everyone including corporations and educational institutions are also streaming more content.

To compete in 2020 and beyond, DVEO developed comprehensive “Cloud” or “On Premises” video platforms with built-in ad insertion. Our VIDEO PLATFORM II™: OTT and VIDEO PLATFORM II™: IPTV offer a complete end-to-end solution for secure content delivery almost everywhere on almost any device.


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