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RAMP: View From the Top 2014

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The development of rich-media content management solutions over the last decade has been characterized by major investment in solving the practical yet low-level problems of managing, storing, transcoding, delivering and displaying digitized audio files and videos on-demand across a number of networks to a diverse set of user devices. This has been, unquestionably, a time-consuming and costly challenge for technology and service providers alike. Fortunately these basic functions of an OVP have become both standardized and, thanks to cloud architectures such as AWS, relatively inexpensive yet extremely reliable and scalable.

RAMP has traced a parallel yet different path. Since its founding in 2007, RAMP has been focused on uncovering and applying the big data in audio files or podcasts and videos – by transcribing and tagging the audio tracks – to make online audio files and videos more valuable for their owners and viewers.

Fast forward to today, and RAMP now offers an award-­winning video content management platform for media and enterprise customers around the world with three, next-generation advantages over legacy products:

  1. Hybrid Cloud Architecture: RAMP’s hybrid approach provides the best balance of cost of ownership, security and scalability across all devices.
  2. Platform-of-Record “Native” Integrations: RAMP is the first and only video content management platform that natively integrates with platforms like Microsoft SharePoint, taking advantage of existing user authentication or security, search and workflows and avoiding the need to setup “video silos” outside of established platforms.
  3. One Stop Shop – Inside & Outside the Firewall: RAMP’s comprehensive online audio and video solution covers both external use cases such as consumer media and video content marketing, and internal, secure use cases such as training and corporate communications.

RAMP’s next-generation platform and apps thus represent a future-proof approach for companies to leverage the power of today’s most-popular content – streaming media!


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