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Ooyala: View From the Top 2014

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Personalized Cloud TV: Optimizing the Future

Over the last half decade, the industry has largely focused on solving the technology issues related to what we collectively referred to as “online video.” Today those two words have little meaning; there is no longer a delineation between “online” and other video in the minds of consumers. Video is just video, and people expect to be able to access it anywhere, on any device, at any time, and in virtually any location.

Every indication is that the new era of IP-delivered video has come. The time we spend watching content on both web-connected devices and on “traditional” TVs is now equal. Soon viewers won’t even notice or care how their video is being delivered.

The next half decade will be about moving beyond the core enablement and management of “online video” and into a truly integrated area of personalized cloud TV and video, delivered seamlessly through converged broadband and broadcast infrastructure; optimizing consumer personalization and provider profitablilty.

And while the industry has many hurdles yet to overcome, one thing that is clear is that data, and the analytics tools that turn that data into critical business insights, will be central to the success of any media business.

Ooyala has focused on integrating multiscreen video delivery with granular audience and content analytics since our inception, and it remains the focus of our innovation today. Our data-driven Discovery technology, one of our initial analytics products, has been implemented by many of the world’s top broadcasters and media companies and has proven to dramatically increase viewer engagement and drive higher revenues.

The most innovative video providers in the world rely on Ooyala analytics to inform them on everything from programming decisions to content placement to licensing decisions and monetization strategies. As the one-to-many paradigm of traditional broadcast and advertising transitions to the one-to-one paradigm of next-generation personalized television -- where monetization can mean much more than traditional advertising -- data becomes ever more important in understanding what audiences want and expect, and what will keep them coming back for more.

By putting the power of real-time information into the hands of our customers, Ooyala has helped drive the continuing evolution of television and video, and has become the go-to partner for content owners and video service providers everywhere.

Now more than ever, the world is watching.


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