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Online Video Industry Forecast 2012: Discover Video

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[This sponsored article appeared in the December 2011/January 2012 issue of Streaming Media magazine.]

As we look to 2012 and beyond, one thing is clear: the avalanche of video streaming will not only continue, but it will accelerate and be engaged by more people for everyday applications. Streaming video is being joined with streaming everything, from PowerPoint to desktop sharing. This content is today viewed on virtually any device from PC and Mac desktops to iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and on conventional TV monitors using Roku boxes.

Live mobile video streaming, where you can broadcast from virtually anywhere, is showing dramatic growth. As has always been the case, streaming media follows the bandwidth, and the rollout of 4G service has made mobile video not only useful, but in many cases, vital. TV stations are now using conventional, non-bonded 4G cellular service to deliver high quality live video to their studio for live remote feeds, saving them many thousands of dollars.

While there are still competing video compression standards that are proposed for use because of non-technical reasons, H.264/AVC has largely won the day and will be the underlying video streaming technology in 2012 and beyond. But even with the rise of H.264, there are perhaps millions of streams in other formats, from Windows Media to motion jpeg and MPEG-4.

Discover Video was the first to offer high capacity/low cost live transcoding products, and will continue to lead the industry with solutions that convert one live stream format to another, both as products for customers to use themselves, and as a cloud-based service.


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