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Mirror Image: View From the Top 2014

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As a global, Dynamic Delivery Network (DDN), Mirror Image is driving change in the CDN industry. Take, for example, our evolution into what industry analysts are dubbing a “hybrid CDN,” whereby we offer traditional caching and streaming services in addition to entirely new, cloud-based solutions built from the ground up that address the needs of the advertising industry. The new Mirror Image suite now layers a CDN infrastructure with another service called CDN Edge Compute-as-a-Service (ECaaS). ECaaS is not your typical application logic at the edge being offered by a few CDNs out there; rather, it is application logic combined with database-as-a-service that performs in the image of a data warehouse at the edge, running on the high-performance no-SQL Couchbase database in our data centers around the globe.

This Geo-Distributed Database (GDD) service enables Mirror Image to process data at the edge, which, in many ways is only limited by the imagination when it comes to mobile devices, browsers, cookies, data sets, data collection and geo-related services. GDD seamlessly replicates and synchronizes customers’ data sets across the Mirror Image DDN so that every request accesses identical, synchronized data regardless of the data center that processes it. This results in the lowest end-to-end latency, by servicing each request using the closest data center.

Market demand for more robust online video publishing capabilities are also paving the way for change, particularly for broadcasters requiring easy-to-use video management features and interfaces. Mirror Image’s Publisher 5.0 is at the forefront of these capabilities, offering services such as a public API to create custom workflows and integrate existing applications, media management, customizable players, live-streaming, and monitoring of live and on-demand HD video.

Gone are the days of delivering bits and bytes. Superior content streaming and actionable intelligence at your fingertips is here and now. We continue our pursuit to develop business solutions that help companies stay ahead of today’s media consumption overload, particularly with the proliferation of smart devices and digital technology feeding our “always on” world where customization is essential and timing is everything. The state-of-the-CDN-industry is strong; what will remain important is its ability to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of brands today in order to be ready for what’s next.


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