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Firstlight Media: View from the Top 2020

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Fully Leveraging the Cloud to Drive OTT Providers' Success

As television viewing has surged during the first half of 2020, streaming services have often come up against a hard reality: the lack of scalability has exposed vulnerabilities in the platforms’ ability to efficiently and effectively meet increased consumer demand and to quickly expand into new business areas.

Cloud-based platforms are therefore an essential part of a service architecture. Cloud-based platforms provide scale, nimbleness and cost effective economics. 

Firstlight Media has blazed new trails for the industry in this area—and many others. The team behind streaming pioneer QuickPlay has rearchitected it to deliver the industry’s first fully cloud-deployable OTT platform. The platform is available end-to-end for frictionless entry into the streaming business, or as discrete microservices for streaming providers. Our modular architecture also allows providers the ability to plug in best-of-breed component solutions and integrate new features that drive engagement and monetization opportunities.

With a solid track record of delivering on its commitments, Firstlight Media is an independent platform that Tier 1 providers can leverage to seize new opportunities that can differentiate streaming services. Among other breakthroughs: an engagement management platform that leverages AI/ML to keep viewers in the fold, content analytics and curation tools that empower programmers, and an ecosystem of dashboards and reports that helps you maximize the performance of your service and manage your cost structure. 

The altered viewing landscape of the past few months has significantly raised the stakes for the streaming industry. Firstlight Media’s innovations are unlocking the the technology, market and business benefits that will separate marketplace winners from the rest of the pack. Learn more at www.firstlight.ai.

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