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Discover Video: Executive Predictions 2019

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Enterprise video has always been overshadowed by the sheer size, scope, and variety of its consumer-facing counterpart. And while Enterprise video has long been a large and growing market, its size was not sufficient to “move the needle” for the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Google, and similar tech giants. That changed in 2018 when Microsoft got in the game, and their success here is uncertain. But we welcome them to the Enterprise video industry where things have been evolving and changing. Innovation that makes things easier almost always wins, and this will be true in 2019 and beyond.

Bucking the general technology trend, Cloud will not dominate enterprise video in 2019. Cloud and the public Internet will, of course, play a large and important role. But for financial, security, historical, and technical reasons, there will continue to be more premises-based solutions than Cloud-based solutions in the coming year.

H264 will continue to dominate while H265/HEAVC will continue to grow, but will not play an important role for the average user or enterprise use case.

4K video is already preferred by desktop viewers. But many customers are still working on SD to HD migration. Some will simply jump to 4K. But the trend for 2019 is to use 4K video only when it makes sense, like for 360 degree video.

More Lecture Capture, much of it in 360-degree format, will be streamed, recorded, and consumed than ever before. University students, and even the high school student, expect portable lectures and its many benefits.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be incrementally more integrated and therefore more important. Current speech-to-text and object recognition uses will be joined by advanced search and AI-based scheduling, copyright infringement tools, and much more.

Low delay live video, something new and special in 2018, will be commonplace in 2019 and in the enterprise.

Prices will continue to come down and price elasticity will drive more widespread adoption.


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