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DVEO: View From the Top 2014

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Improving Video Quality Over Public Internet

This is an exciting time for the industry. Streaming video over public internet is more popular than ever. Viewers enjoy watching video on tablets, phones and other devices – sometimes more than one at the same time. Broadcasters, mobile operators, telcos, IPTV operators, and OTT providers are happy to meet the growing demand. However, there is an increasing need for better quality delivery across all platforms…

In some regions of the USA, public internet infrastructure is not always reliable and drops and sometimes alters video packets during periods of high packet volume. Public routers do not prioritize UDP video traffic, since the internet was not designed to guarantee delivery times. Our “DOZER” technology enables reliable high quality video delivery over public internet via patent pending packet recovery technology.

In order to alleviate packet and bit errors, which also plague streaming, we introduced the FEC Box IP IP™. This device corrects packet errors, not packet losses. Erroneous packets cause color and definition type distortion.

The DOZERbox is a compact (6.5 x 7.5 inches) end-to-end Error Correcting Router for smoothing UDP traffic over the public internet, with built-in packet recovery algorithms for alleviation of packet loss and resultant video freezes. It is perfect for delivering critical video over congested public backbones. (Both technologies are also available as a software license.)

The FEC Box IP IP is also a compact (4.5 x 3.4 inches) end-to-end router that adds SMPTE 2022 Error Correction to outbound packets and corrects packet error on the fly.

“DOZER” technology can also be added to DVEO systems such as the MultiStreamer™ encoder or MPEG Gearbox II™ transcoder.

We offer a huge variety of transcoders, encoders, streamers, IP analyzers, ad overlay servers, and media distribution servers. Our goal is to provide extremely high quality products at very reasonable prices.


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