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DATIVA - Executive Predictions for 2018

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Smart TV data will start to disrupt the European ecosystem

European Smart TVs are already equipped with automatic content recognition, and we expect this service to be switched on over the next few months pushing a massive new dataset into the market.

This data will challenge the dominance of industry joint ventures (Barb, AGF, SKO) and walled garden OTT measurement. The lack of data in the European ecosystem has hampered the development of next-generation advertising models from retargeting from TV to mobile to attributing conversion from a cross-platform buy that includes TV.

A few of the Pay TV platforms - notably Sky - have dipped their toes in the water with set-top-box data but they’ve only really used its data for their internal purposes and advertising sales.

We expect this to change in 2018 as Smart TV data begins to become available in European markets. Smart TV data has already disrupted the US market creating whole new categories of advertising products that are not tied to platform providers, and we expect these to thrive in Europe.

GDPR will bite at least one streaming video provider

The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) arrive in May 2018 and require all streaming video providers to re-work not only their terms-and-conditions but also much of their processing pipelines for consumer data. We’ve already started working with some providers to upgrade their platforms so allow users to erase or update their data history in a fully transparent way - across ALL of their data platforms.

Most providers underestimate what’s required, and we expect substantial fines to come to players in the industry who have not prepared sufficiently.

Michael Collette CEO | DATIVA

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