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2013 Online Video Executive Prediction: Digital Rapids

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I believe 2013 will mark a breakthrough in the widespread adoption of next-generation entertainment technologies. While this momentum has been steadily building over the past few years, it’s the recent emergence and acceptance of new standards -- and proof of their viability -- that have cleared the way for even broader acceptance of expanding media options. They’ve also enabled the focus to shift from the technology itself as the driving force, to the implementation and experience. The high-profile events of the past year have solidified online and over-the-top video as requirements for media companies to maximize their revenue potential.

The move to next-generation containers and formats should close the loop on the major foundational technology hurdles for at least the next few years. MPEG-DASH will move from pilots to practical implementations. UltraViolet will continue to gain traction and realize its full potential. HEVC will move forward, with real-world trials leading into commercial deployments, initially in mobile. With these advances addressing the technology core, we can move on to focusing on scale, efficiency and refining monetization capabilities. The cloud is a key example of that, moving from discussions of its potential to tangibly impacting the way media organizations think about delivering multi-screen experiences. Metadata management will also continue to increase in importance.

Of course, while we as solution providers will look back on 2013 as another milestone in the technologies that enable the multi-screen experiences, consumers will look back at 2013 as a leap forward in the experiences themselves -- from refined “follow me” viewing across devices to evolving second-screen interactivity. And for a surprising number of them, multi-screen experiences will have become their de facto viewing option. If, that is, they look back at all – with deeper engagement and more viewing options than ever, they may not have time to give it a second thought.

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