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Video: Will an End to Net Neutrality Impact Latency?

In this excerpt from the Live Streaming Summit session Latency Sucks: So What Can You Do About It?, panelists delve into the potential impact of attacks on net neutrality.

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Tim Siglin: What are the potential latency impacts with something like net neutrality?

Russ Ham: Well, we view that as just a horrific discussion, so to speak. We built the network to take a packet and deliver it to him as fast as we can. The idea of having special toll roads to deliver this is abhorrent. We would never do such a thing. However, there are those who are hellbent on charging money to deliver your content quicker. We have no way of looking at anybody's deep packet inspection and we have no intention of ever doing so.

Tim Siglin: Well then, of course, Europe, it's different from Berkeley DPI's ban so there's not really an issue there. You've worked for large companies. Any take on net neutrality at this point or is that too hot a topic?

Daniel Sanders: I’ve been too busy trying to shave latency off of our video workflow to read all our lawyer's memos about what to say when somebody asks up about net neutrality.

Tim Siglin: That's what I'm saying. He'd get in trouble.

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