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Video: Why Aren't Advertisers Insisting on OTT Innovation?

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Sherry Brennan: I don't understand why advertisers aren't more active in this space. To me, it feels like they are accepting a consumer proposition that they know consumers hate. Consumers do not like to be carpet-bombed with 30-second spots. They just don't like it anymore, and I don't understand why more advertisers aren't insisting on innovation.

At Fox, we've done tons of innovation. We've done things like engagement ads, where you're asked do you want to engage with this one ad for 45 seconds, and then the rest of the program will be ad-free. That's one format that I think is really innovative and interesting, and consumers love it.

We've also experimented with very, very short ad pods, so you're talking about a 90-second pod. 90 seconds is actually pretty short. There are a lot of pods that are two and three minutes. But we've experimented with what we call JAAZ (Just A And Z), so two spots, the first one and the last one in the ad pod, which gives consumers more content, which they like, and fewer ads, which they also like. Those are 30-second spots, generally speaking, and they run during longform programs in our linear broadcast.

Obviously if you're going to do that, it takes a lot of pre-planning, because most shows are not cut for ad pods that short.

Thirty-minute shows are usually cut for 22 minutes of programming and eight minutes of ads, so if you're going to then shrink it and have 25 or six minutes of programming, obviously, you need more content.

There's an editing cost to doing that, right, so that's another factor to sort of think about.

We've also in some of our digital and on-demand platforms experimented with a lot of 15-second spots. I don't know why you wouldn't run a 15- on a 60- or 90-second piece of content.

Here’s the big issue. Consumers are telling us in every possible way they will not tolerate that much advertising, and yet advertisers, if the advertisers were insisting, your guys would step up to the plate quick. But the advertisers are not insisting, and I don't understand that.

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