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Video: How to Balance Cost and Creativity in Live Video

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Read the complete transcript of this clip:

Ryan Durieux: A lot of our clients have an idea in their head of what they want to do. We'll either recommend, "Hey, you should use three cameras for this studio show or you can get away with one camera if you need to."

Obviously it comes down to budget, but I think if they do want us to recommend some creativity on their content for sure, I think everybody can get creative in certain ways. But I think the majority of the time, the creative for the content is usually always there. And if it's not, you find that creative producer to bring in and then you add him to the team and then put him on the roster.

Brett Collins: I do sometimes find that they have an idea of how it's going to work, but oftentimes that doesn't jell with what's technically available or what's really going to be cost-effective for them. So I definitely think it's a role of ours as we start to figure these problems out that we can make recommendations to say, “This may not be the best way to get your message across.”

Tre James: When clients babble on and on about what they want and all this, one of the things I’ll ask early on is, "Where is this going, what is the final end product?" And also the end game of, "Where this is living?"

And then it's back to their content needs. “How important is the content? Is it screen content or videos? Is it going on social. Does this need to be shot a certain way?”

This is so much answering the question of whether they already have the content or not, but figuring out what we are actually doing with the content, and evolving a work flow around that.

Brett Collins: I think a lot of people get excited about the fact that they're going to have a live show, but they haven't necessarily thought out how to get a live audience. You still got to promote X number of weeks or whatever it is before, so you need to have a ramp-up plan going into that. Although this should really go into more of a creative producer kind of role. Because we're technical producers, sorting out solutions for them, we have to be cognizant of those factors.

Tom Sullivan: I think that a lot of people are doing webcasts for first time or they're not really used to it, and with them the hand-holding is probably a little more important. They probably have what they want, but they don't know how much it costs and what the realities are, so I'm always asking, "What are the realities here?"

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