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Video: How Real-Time Apps Feed Our Need for Immediacy

Learn more about real-time apps and content delivery at the next Content Delivery Summit.

Watch Neil Glazebrook's presentation, Dealing With the Growth of Un-Cachable Content, on the Streaming Media Conference Video Portal.

Read the complete transcript from this video:

Neil Glazebrook: This just really encapsulates the world that we're in these days, around user expectations of then and now. And really this boils down to this insatiable need for immediacy. You know, whether it's one-click to dash buttons or whether it's overnight delivery to same-day. All of them are really, I think underpinning this massive trend that we're seeing in the industry towards realtime in apps and the proliferation of realtime apps.

I always use this interesting example of really the proliferation ... My parents in their 80s-- late 80s, actually--still living in the UK. They're using Dropbox and PayPal, which is just amazing. They'll send the kids over, you know, instead of sending over checks, they'll now do a friends and family to my account, to my kids. My dad's figured out how to get that to happen and they can click a few buttons and you know the money's there in my bank account. The kids never see it but that's another story.

It's really revolutionized the way we share family photos. My mum and dad have access to Dropbox and I upload and share that. And this is all happening in near-realtime. And then of course, there's so many other examples of apps that we just take for granted and they all allow this sort of ... They feed this need for immediacy.

Our company's based in Phoenix, Tempe. And there's these wonderful scooters that you can activate with a mobile app. You pick the thing up, unlock it, you speed round the couple of blocks, drop the thing off, and you know, everybody's doing this and it doesn't matter you're on scooters, whether it's bicycles, whether it's rideshare. These realtime apps have become a part of our everyday life.

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