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Video: How Have HDR and 4K Changed the QC Process?

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Chris Fetner: You have made a very long career out of finding people's mistakes. How are the mistakes different with 4K and HDR, and what has it meant to your process and the types of things you find and how you find them?

Michael Kadenacy: I think the way we approach quality control hasn't changed. I learned early on in my career that our job in quality control is to ensure what the producer's intent was. So, even though it might feel like it to you guys sometimes that we're calling you out on your mistakes, really we're just trying to make sure that it looks the way you want it to look because if we're doing our job right, then the consumer, they never know we were even there.

The kind of things that we're seeing bigger that are more obvious now is just like with the higher resolutions and the wider color gamut, our operators are looking at these on larger and larger screens. That's a lot of real estate for quality control operators to cover in terms of the raster. Dead pixels come out a lot, a lot more prominently, and we can automate those kinds of things to catch those kinds of problems. But we kind of consider quality control an art form in itself, and we're looking for things that are not going to be easily automated ... cut backs are the same, that there's consistency between episode to episode in overall color and how it looks.

There are more and more tools coming out, and at baseline, we don't want a format to be perfect because then we're out of a job. We like it when it doesn't work quite right. So, we're at our most valuable when new technologies are coming out and that we're helping kind of discover what those issues are.

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