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Video: How Branding Strategy Informs Content

Marketing strategy for branded online video content is anything but a one-size-fits-all proposition. Key considerations in determining the right strategy for a given video include the type of company you're working with; the length, nature, and ramp-up time of the campaign; distribution platforms; and the projected shelf-life of the content. A sound and tailored branding strategy in turn informs the content itself, as AwesomnessTV's Max Polisar explains in this excerpt from his panel at Streaming Media East 2016.

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Read the transcript of the clip above:

Max Polisar: There's a lot of strategy that goes into defining what you're actually going to make, and how we're going to engage them. We don't have a shelf with product A, B, and C on it. We've got product type A, B, and C, but what we do for a CPG company versus a travel company, or food and beverage, they're all going to have different goals. Performance marketers differ from brand marketers. You've got retailers that are really heavy on seasonality, that need to drive footfall. We've partnered with a couple of them, where we actually have Awesomeness product in the stores, with our own brand, and so in some of these experiences, we're vested in the marketing. The better we can market, we actually have vested interest in footfall.

It is not a one size fits all. I think creating great content has always lived under that, right? Again, taking it back to television. Not every pilot that gets made gets put on the air.

We have a research arm called Wildness, where we'll sit down and do research on what's required, what's needed, depending on how much time we have in front of a campaign. When we need to be more nimble, or reactive and quick, then we can use influencer marketing, which is obviously a big buzzword in the market right now, but we've been doing it long before it was a mass market appeal in the new fronts. Each of those tactics is going to matter, and then you look at the different platforms that you're going to distribute that content on. YouTube, in the social video world, is now almost considered long form.

I make it akin to making something that, is it going to be for the moment? Is it going to be evergreen? It's like putting a book on a library shelf. It's going to live there for a long time, so it's edited, and crafted, and it looks good, and it's packaged, because somebody later is going to be able to come and find that. Whereas if you're doing something for Snapchat, right, it's more like skywriting, right? It has to be artsy. It has to be designed, because you're going to hit a lot of people in a short amount of time, but just like the wind blows, in a day, it's gone. The investment in time, the strategy, and what you're driving or asking of people is going to differ on how you use those different platforms, which totally informs what you're going to make.

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