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Video: Are US Viewers Watching Ad-Supported Online Video?

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Michelle Abraham: When we look at free, ad-supported online video, at least in the U.S, many households view videos on YouTube. Facebook came in second. Again, there is a large number of options for free VOD viewing and again, those continue to increase as well with new ones coming. So again, you know, you have that option as far as a revenue model of having ad-supported video on-demand services.

The ad industry, of course, is going through its own transition as you get dollars shifting, you know, digital video is done quite well but there have been issues with viewability and fraud. So, a VOD service that's delivered to the TV, which in the ad industry is usually referred to as, connected TV, is seen as a pretty safe place to buy advertising. And it's addressable, targeted, so you can do one-on-one targeting.

You should know who that person is or some characteristics about them so that, you can deliver them an ad that they would be interested in. So, the idea is that it would make and keep the consumer, the customer engagement.

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